MASS have hunted and gathered the perfect team over the past 8 years. Some of us have acquired years of wisdom and experience while others are young, hungry creative geniuses. We use this collaborative experience, design and technical knowledge to create compelling content for all mediums.



A strong brand gives a competitive advantage - it is your brand’s voice and personality. Our experienced team are passionate about design, and starting with sound research and strategy, we will develop your brand’s profile through logo development, identity, web platforms, video or animation, building that all important emotional connection.


With the ongoing evolution of digital platforms the sky’s the limit for motion graphics. With an open imagination and a clarity of message we utilise animated typography, clever infographics or 2D and 3D animation to create unique, original and thought provoking communication.


Todays market is insatiable for video, and we are passionate about creating it. Video tells your story, starts the conversation and keeps it going with a world of opportunities for content sharing online via social media and more. Whether it be broadcast, online video or digital signage, maximise your message with quality, high impact video content. Engage and motivate your audience like never before.

  • Digital (multi-platform) - Marketing Strategy - Copywriting -
    Branding - Design - Advertising - Photography - Broadcast